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Conception was started in 2008 as an outlet for the exploration of Asian cinema and animation. iSugoi was brought to fruition to look more intently into both Asian cinema and animation through a variety of measures such as reviews and essays. Its founder and editor-in-chief is Miguel Douglas. iSugoi values itself as being an ad free site for your viewing pleasure.

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Miguel Douglas: As an avid viewer of both Japanese animation and cinema for more than a decade now, Miguel is primarily concerned with establishing a critical look into both mediums as legitimate forms of artistic, cultural, and societal understanding. Never one to simply look at a film or series based solely on superficiality, Miguel has dedicated himself towards bringing awareness to Asian entertainment and its various facets. Miguel has written for Midnight Eye, PopMatters, Manga Life, Directory of World Cinema: Japan, Shadowland Magazine,, and the Golden AniVersary Project. He has also hosted panels at anime conventions, in particular on the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion and is one of the founders of


Olivia Saperstein: Olivia Saperstein is a freelance writer and hardcore cinephile residing in Brooklyn, New York. As a young girl she spent many a night home alone on her couch watching films like The Exorcist and Ringu. Now she feels lucky to spend most of her time writing about the very same vehicle she used to escape the sagas of pre-teen angst. Road films, horror, and comedies seem to get her attention, and she is certainly unafraid to indulge in the low-brow while assiduously critiquing art-house masterpieces (note hinted sarcasm). Most importantly, Olivia must always have a snack with her movie.

Josh DuShane: Josh is a self-taught cinehphile and writer that initially fell in love with the samurai epics of Kurosawa. However, Ozu became the bigger filmmaker for him, and he still remembers that first viewing of Tokyo Story. He has consciously attempted to view as much from Japan as possible, and keep these viewings as varied as possible. Japan and east Asia have become both his favorite places for cinema and where he’s most knowledgeable.

Dane Benko: Dane is an independent filmmaker and freelancer in Albuquerque, NM. Japanese cinema is a particular fascination of his.

Justin Moriarty: Justin is a long time anime/manga, tokusatsu, and video gaming fan who currently resides in Japan. He hopes that someday that Shenmue will be finished. To show your support, every month on the 3rd, please tweet #SaveShenmue

Anthony Sulwer: A freelance writer living in Denver, Colorado, Anthony fell in love with anime while working part time jobs at video stores in the 90s. Nights off were spent watching Akira, Ninja Scroll, Fist of the North Star, and anything else to appear in the small “Specialty” section of the large chain stores.

Shyla Fairfax: Shyla is currently in the final stages of completing a Master’s Degree in Film Studies at Carleton University with a focus on Slasher Cinema, so it seems her passion for cinema has become a fixation by which she makes all life decisions. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, Horror and Gender. She is particularly fascinated by J-Horror and its relationship to notions of technology and the body.

Alex Vargas: Alex studied engineering in college, but wasted his evenings marinating in reviews of basically anything and reading manga. Now he is leveraging two of those things into a being a manga critic. He loves romance mangas, but is basically not in the least bit choosy as to what type of manga he reads. His favorite thing about manga is the glimpse of another culture it grants him, no matter how skewed that vision may be. And before you ask, no he has not seen that anime you like. He has long since stopped watching anime.

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