Episode 1: The Youtube Anime Reviewer

by Miguel Douglas


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In our inaugural podcast, we at Visual Nippon discuss the nature of the Youtube anime reviewer–its history, our memories, and its current state. We have our good friend Justin (JMO) joining us. He was one of the original anime reviewers on Youtube alongside us. Please join us on this journey down memory lane!

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Author: Miguel Douglas

As an avid viewer of both Japanese animation and cinema for more than a decade now, Miguel is primarily concerned with establishing a critical look into both mediums as legitimate forms of artistic, cultural, and societal understanding. Never one to simply look at a film or series based solely on superficiality, Miguel has dedicated himself towards bringing awareness to Asian entertainment and its various facets.

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  • Alryo

    Fun first episode guys!! I still remember my first youtube account back in 2006 and how things were back then, time sure flies. I have to agree with you guys that he first anime reviewer was HARD’s Review (the first one I saw back then)… for what I remember he used to give a short summary of the show and reasons why he enjoyed/hated the anime in question. He’s become a fine reviewer with time. Then the next one was JMo’s reviews. I got hooked by his approach in reviewing anime and manga. Always a wealth of information … he described many things I always wanted to know about (seiyuu, manga comparison, director, etc) and those who think his videos are too long are truly missing out the good stuff. Plus his taste was similar to mine. Later I discovered OtakuCrave as well. Doug’s style was different to Hard’s or JMO’s in his presentation but equally knowledgeable of the technical aspects of what he reviewed. Doug’s style was closer to that of movie reviewers and added his evaluation of the respective english dub when appropriate. After that many others got into the anime review groove from which Anime82, Grumpyjiisan, and Mr. Anime stood out to me the most. All diferent in style and taste made it easier for me to discover titles I had overlooked otherwise. Good times!!

    I hope to see more collaboration and exchange of ideas in the anime/manga review side of things. Will see how it turns out.

  • Miguel Douglas

    Thanks for the comments and support Alyro!

  • TheLavaBuster

    Hello. As a recent, up-and-coming anime reviewer (started in late 2010), I really hate when people ‘review’ anime by saying stuff like ‘I thought this was good’, ‘This sucks…’, and generic statements like this. I, for one, like to review obscure, lesser-known stuff (similar to JMO); for example, like Cromartie High School, Spriggan, Dirty Pair: Project Eden, Golgo 13 – The Professional, etc. In addition, when I review, I actually defend whatever points I make with evidence (i.e. visual footage) and I elaborate on said points. I tend to focus on the writing aspects (characters, story, development, mechanics, etc), and try to separate myself from other reviewers.

    One of the major reasons why anime reviewing is suffering nowadays has to do with YT copyright infringement, which discourages many people from posting reviews on YT itself; I’ve gotten a handful of my videos either removed or the audio muted, so I post my reviews on Blip. Instead, the majority of anime reviewers make vlog-type reviews, which reduces creativity and hard work in terms of the editing…it sucks. In other words, it’s easy to make vlogs (since creators tend to stutter, pause, and whatnot w/o much editing), and for the most part, they are boring, awkward, and not engaging. I mean, if I’m gonna watch a video review, I’d like to see…you know…VISUAL FOOTAGE! Another factor to take into consideration, for me at least.

    Also, the people who say ‘OMG! Nue Animay iz GAWD-LIEK! YAAAYY!’ without much evidence…ugh. There’s no hope for humanity. >:(

    Great podcast! Looking forward to checking out other installments.

  • Miguel Douglas

    Thanks for the comments TheLavaBuster. You hit the nail on the head regarding many anime reviewers deciding to leave YT (and in some cases, being forced to) because of copyright infringement issues.

    It’s nice to hear that some one else agrees that vlogs aren’t exactly the best way to review anime titles. The technical aspects of such are not really that great and they usually revolve around the “this sucks” or “the anime is the best ever!”-type of mentality.

    Anyways, thanks for the comment once again and for checking out our podcast.

    On a side note, check out for our latest podcast episodes since the podcast series moved from here to there.

  • HadouSenGoku

    Im currently in the anime/manga reviewing community and i review anime,movies,and do some off topic vids,i just started in janurary of this year and have gotten up to 200 plus subs and 50k video views so far.What i have noticed so far is that everyone and i mean EVERYoNE just about talks about big 3 (naruto,bleach,one piece), its just recently that ive seen more ppl doing seasonal anime which is cool.Its so bad now that i dont really do video responses because everyone talks about the big 3.And right now big 3 reviewers is full of ppl so theres not really any point trying to get into that pool of ppl.But thats where the community is at as of now,its defiantly getting bigger but the big3 has such a impact on the community if you dont have it on your channel and your a small channel then its going to be hard for you.

    Glad i listened to this podcast,please check my channel out