Episode 16: Taking A Look At Anime Streaming Sites And Digital Media

by Miguel Douglas


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In this episode, Douglas and Shawn give their take on streaming sites such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix that contain anime. We also take a look at digital media sites such iTunes, Zune, and Amazon that allow consumers to buy or rent anime series. We finally discuss a variety of digital media devices that can accompany your digital viewing needs.

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Episode Structure:

[1:50] Looking at the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360, amongst other gaming consoles.

[5:15] Looking at the Zune software.

[6:40] Amazon On-Demand (aka Amazon Instant Video)

[10:15] Discussing the popular service, iTunes.












[52:20] Hulu

[56:58] Digital Devices discussed: TV, Roku, WD Media TV Live, Tablets, Mobile sources.

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Author: Miguel Douglas

As an avid viewer of both Japanese animation and cinema for more than a decade now, Miguel is primarily concerned with establishing a critical look into both mediums as legitimate forms of artistic, cultural, and societal understanding. Never one to simply look at a film or series based solely on superficiality, Miguel has dedicated himself towards bringing awareness to Asian entertainment and its various facets.

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